Author Topic: 1973-87(91) Cab Identification  (Read 8725 times)

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1973-87(91) Cab Identification
« on: April 11, 2013, 12:21:14 AM »
There are a number of differences in the 1973-1987(91) trucks, the major difference is in the cowl area.

1973-80 trucks cowl area where the safety catch was is all enclosed.  Wiper motors arm mount using 2 holes horizontally.   Hinges for the hood mount on the fenders.

1981-1991 trucks cowl area has a different shaped area with a provision for the hood hinges, (springs mount to the fenders).  Wipers arms mount with 3 holes instead of 2.  Note the reinforce lip which is longer than the 73-80 version that the hinge mount bolts to.

1973 trucks NEVER had drip rails installed from the factory, they became optional sometime in 1974 and by 1975 they were standard equipment.  3 point belt provisions were offered but were not standard until around 1977.

In addition to the above, floors started to be galvanized in 1983 along with a plastic seal attached to the floor pans where most were known to leak.