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Post your High Hump and Low Hump pictures

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I have been planning on doing this for a while and figured no time better than the present.  If you got a good picture of you high hump trans AND you low hump trans tunnels both 4x4 and 4x2 along with Blazers etc, please post them.  I am going to make this a tech page for those wanting to know the difference.  Just make a note in your post on what you setup is.

78 Chevyrado:
Here's my low hump.  1978 2wd, 3/4 ton.

Chris, did your R key break? lol


--- Quote from: VileZambonie on February 05, 2009, 07:13:32 PM ---Chris, did your R key break? lol

--- End quote ---

I do that all the time.  I have no idea why I just read it correctly..... :D

Might help to include year since they changed. I don't know the exact particulars, but there are 2 variations of the high hump. I got an 81-87 (I think) rubber floor mat for my 79 and it wouldn't fit the hump right.


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