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Welcome to the community
« on: February 10, 2016, 09:25:25 AM »
Want to take a moment to welcome you from the rest of the form members, this post is more for the newbs of the community and some areas/post to check out.

Technical Section- This area is for our technical information. you will find most these post from here in this section plus much more useful information

Ignition Timing for First-Generation GM V-8 Engines Ignition timing, including base timing, total timing, mechanical advance, and vacuum advance

Areas to look at when buying a 73-87 Truck

VIN Decoding

RPO codes-These are the Regular Production Option (RPO) that Gm used and should be on a sticker in the glove box. But this doesnt mean your 40 year old truck still has these stock options. so use only as a reference only

A note about carburetor flow capacities- Bigger isnt always better. take a minute to read before you think about buying a new carb for "more power"

1973-87(91) GM Pickup Manuals- Find your manual and find most answers to the question/s you may have. you will also find wire diagrams here plus a few more.

73-87 Brochures- From here you can see how GM advertised their trucks back in the day

1973-87(91) Cab Identification- What year do I have?

73-87 Door Shell Differences and Door component info/swapability- What year do I have?

Door Panel Identification- What year do I have?

1973-87(91) Door handle Identification- What year do I have?

Tailgate Identification- What year do I have?

Dash Cluster Pin Diagrams

Functional Tests of Factory GM Electric Gauges

Testing for a inoperative fuel gauge sending unit

How-To: Fixing a Sloppy GM Tilt Column

Annual cleaning out the cowl

ball joint replacement- a nice write-up on ball joint replacement on a 2wd

DIY: Replace front axle components- 4wd

How to upload pics to the forum from your PC- you can use the website to host your pictures. but you might have to resize them

How to link a PDF page

Obd1 code retrieval and decoding

Transfer case Tech- Not sure which transfer case you have or need to rebuild one?

New and improved master cylinder bench bleeding procedure

Want to know what size tires will fit with no lift or 2",4" or 6" lift

Diagnosing dash lights that don't work

How to determine what ratio you have without removing the cover- this is a quick way to find your ratio. But to be sure the best bet is to remove the cover

Acronym Definition- sometimes acronyms can be confusing heres a list to help you not get lost

Exhaust pipe size

Getting to know your brakes part 1

Getting to know your brakes part 2

most times you will find the question you want to know has been asked before so dont be afraid to use the search button. you might find the answer there before someone else logs on and finds it for you.
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