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78 Chevyrado:
I got a good pic today on my trip to Charleston.  So I wanna start a PIC OF THE DAY thread.  Lets see chevys by cool stuff!

While Visiting the Aircraft Carrier CV-10 USS Yorktown  and Destroyer DD-724 USS Laffey

That is cool!!   8)
But, your gonna need an AWFULLY BIG TRAILER to tow that behind your truck!!!   ;D

Nice !


I'll play....

This was from an off-road trip in the mountains near Hinton, Alberta in January 2008.  I haven't gone out on any other good trips like this one since then, it was a very warm day for that time of the year and it couldn't have been better for the trip.

That was my 1989 Blazer with a turbo'd 6.2 diesel and 3/4 ton axles.  6" lift and 35x10.5xR16 tires.  It was kind of a beater, but it ran nicely and was a pretty decent offroad rig.


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