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Hey all, it has been a while as I have been moving and during my move I blew up my 77 K10, but that is another story for another day.  This weekend I picked up another one, and after a rough trip home(trailer issues) again another story for another day, I discovered some interesting info on my new one.

Looking at the SPID I noticed that it had a deluxe sport package option on it and I got to wondering what that all meant.  Well apparently it means it came with a light bar(someone cut the old one out but the base is still there), some very 70's stickering, which I can still see the faint outline of in places, and a few other little things.  After several hours searching and much head scratching I have only been able to find one other truck that is similar(happened to be on this board) but it is a different color.  I have found pictures of many step side ones but very few fleet side and none with the light bar, 4wd, 400, and black.  Most of what I am finding is 76, 78, and 79 very few 77s. It also has the blue interior with the bucket seats.

Long story to a short question, is this truck rare, and is it worth restoring to original or just rolling with it?  I prefer the stock look of these trucks as opposed to the lifted version but I am curious on the paint/sticker scheme as I will be starting body work this year. Anywhere I can track this info down? I can't resize the picture on the iPad so it won't let me post it.

I'm trying to get the picture of the SPID on here, let's see if this works.

Taken from Chevrolet Pickups 1973-1998 by John Gunnell...
"A new option for pickups in general was the Sport package.  It included special hood and body side striping, and white-spoke or Rally wheels.  The Sport tape stripes followed the b0dy feature lines and continued in tiara fashion across the roof.  On Fleetside models, the "Chevy Sport" lettering appeared on the upper sides of the cargo box.  Similar lettering went on the rear spare tire cover of Stepside trucks"

I have been able to track down some sales brochures and the vehicle information kit on the GM heritage site has a lot of stuff in it but nothing about the sport package.  If anyone has a picture of a black, fleet side 77 k10, with the sport package, and the light bar, I would sure like to see it.

Go to any bookstore chain and look for the author books, there are a couple pictures of that package.


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