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What's happening in your area?

In Connecticut, schools are closing like crazy and everyone is hoarding TP. I'm thinking about hitting the packy and stocking up :)

It is stupid everywhere.  The media has really blown this way out of proportion.  I've seen a couple of interviews with patients that had it.  Less in severity than the 24hr flu.  I can't believe the panic.  Folks are real gall-able.

The MSM need to quit screwing with America.


Z85's post pretty-much sums it up for me.

I have a very sick 78yo woman I care for. (my Mother)  We use Lysol around our house, on a regular basis, for a number of things.  For the last coupla' weeks, I can't even score so much as one can. 

*The whole "toilet paper" thing just boggles the heck out of me.


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