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Why does my truck handle like a 2CV?

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Hi all, I know it's a truck and won't handle like a sports car but it seems to roll a lot round the bends, 76 C10 Cheyenne long bed, is there anything that can be done to improve things a bit?
Shocks look quite new so guess they're OK, ride is really nice in a straight line but roundabouts are the worst possibly feels worse sitting on the wrong side for our roads (UK)!
Any suggestions?

Stabilizer bars do wonders if your truck doesn't have them

They made front sway bars for that truck. You'll see the mounting holes on the lower control arms.

Just had my K10 bushings replaced, what a HUGE difference, super flat around corners>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Begin by checking the front end steering and suspension components for wear and inspect the frame for cracks around the steering gear and upper shock absorber mounts.  Make sure the tires are properly inflated and have the alignment checked.  Once the front end passes inspections, good quality shocks make a difference, too.  Try some KYB Gas-Adjust KG5409 front and KG5415 rear for a sporty ride, or Bilstein 24192941 front and 24009331 rear for a more forgiving ride.

Thanks all I'll need to look into these points, I haven't seen any anti roll bars when I've been crawling around under there I'll have a look at the bushes while I'm there as well, if I need anti roll bars any recommendations re size etc?
Thanks again


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