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Bed support beam

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Hey squarebody brothers, I was under the K20 today changing my spring hangers and saw my bed support that runs between the frame rails that the bed cross member is supposed to rest on is completely rotted out. I already figure I'm calling the parts by the wrong name but that is what I need help with. What it's called and where to get a new one. It's the part that runs from the top of one spring hanger to the other and the bed is supposed to sit on. There is also supposed to be an exhaust hanger on it but mine is just kinda floating now :(.

Can you post some pics?

Sounds like you're talking about the rear crossmember. maybe?  The bed only rests on the frame rails so not really sure what you talking about. if it is the crossmember then you'll probably need to find one in a junk yard, I'm almost positive they are not reproduced
A pic would be awesome.

I believe yes, it is the rear crossmember. Sorry, I haven't figured out how to post pics on here yet. If it helps the exhaust hanger USED to be mounted to it. Now I have a REALLY irritating rattle. Really want to get this fixed asap. I can handle her looking rough but if she sounds bad it really drives me nuts!

If it is really bad I would get one from a salvage yard. Believe you will have to ground off/drill out the rivets (two on each side on the top and bottom if it is the large back one) and then install a new one with strong bolts. Easy job (if the bed is removed) and you can get the hangers and other parts from a salvage yard as well. I attached a picture so you can point out which one you are referring to.


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