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1983 GMC Front End Suspension (2WD)

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Driving around I’ve noticed some rattling in the front end. I’m thinking it’s due to all the worn bushings between rods, arms, struts etc. Does anyone know of a place that offers complete rebuild kits with the bushings, tie rods, coil springs etc? I’d like to do it right and tighten it all up so it’s like new again. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!

Based on what you've said, I'd advise you do your homework on what parts are what, what they do and which ones actually need to be replaced. You can buy all of the replacement parts you need from your local auto parts store. You do not have struts on your truck either. Find your rattling noise which is probably not a steering or suspension component by getting under the truck and giving a thorough inspection. Shake the exhaust, look for loose or broken parts.

Thank you sir will do! Found the issue today and will go from there. Thank you again for the reply

What did you decide is the issue?

The bushings at a couple points on the front sway bar are completely gone. Makes sense because when I turn left and hit a small bump it being loose causes it to move up and down hitting metal on metal in that channel area, making the noise Iíve been hearing.

(airplanes have struts which is what Iím around everyday. Got my parts mixed up on original post)


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