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Replacing B.B. Hydroboost p.s. pump with regulat style pump. Bracket question

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I have a 1987 454 with a hydoboost power steering pump.
Looking to replace the pump with a non hydroboost pump.
Will the old brackets work with the new pump?

Why do you need to change the pump? Are you eliminating hydro-boost and installing a vacuum system instead? Bracketry may need modification, does your truck have the remote reservoir, serpentine belt with steel brackets?

The 454 is from a 1 ton with a V belts and a remote reservoir with steel brackets.
I'm kicking the idea around about putting it in a 3/4 ton S.B. truck that doesn't have hydro-boost. 
Trying to figure out my options as far as the brackets go.  I know I can spent $1k or so on a serpentine belt set up, but if that's my only option I'd keep the truck a small block.
Thanks Vile.

You could still run the same pump, just plump the conventional lines and block off the unused port.

That would make life easy.  Anyway to eliminate the remote reservoir?


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