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Aftermarket Antenna Question

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My 1983 K10/20 will be going to the body shop soon for some much needed paint. Before I do that I want to deal with the radio reception issue.
 Since I am building this truck for function rather than show I am not concerned with maintaining the original look. I am interested in an antenna for the radio which will provide the best reception.
Can some of you tell me about your set-ups?

Get the 90-91 Style on the squarebody.  Windshield type is hit or miss, mostly miss in my experience

I am interested in improved terrestrial radio reception as well. The 89-91 style antenna sounds interesting but I can't seem to find anyone who sells the entire assembly. Most only sell a replacement mast which means sourcing the cable and mount from the junkyard. Also, that style mounts above the firewall and seems exclusive to 81-91 style scuttles and wouldn't work with my 1980 Suburban.

I've had excellent luck with the windshield antenna in all of my 73-80 rigs, and in fact an old 73 Blazer I once owned achieved the best reception I've ever experienced and that was with the bone stock AM-only radio. Upgrading to a JVC AM/FM/Tape in 1982 killed reception and it got even worse when I added a fender mount antenna. I suspect General Motors put some real thought into designing what the did and anything I may try is less efficient.

I lucked out finding one on a 91 Suburban I parted out years ago.  I needed the fender for my 86 anyway

My 77 came with a GM fender mount antenna, #336289 for the fender mount bezel. I don't have any idea for the GM mast number. It fits the fender contour well and the chrome is pretty darn good after 45 years.


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