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Electronic speed control


Big Dee:
I thought i knew all the stuff on my 1985 C30 silverado. noticed on the build sheet that she has a Electronic speed control (K34). what is this speed control, controlling? where is the controller located. She has no ECM. how does this device work. why ?

cruise control.  The only one I had on a square didn't work however the transmission speedometer cable went to a module under the hood and a short cable went to the speedometer.  Newer versions didn't have that module and went off a sensor connected to the speedometer.  I am sure there are folks that know more than me.

Big Dee:
Thanks zieg  :)
More to a cruise control than i thought. Lots of wires from turn signal arm switch to gauges to vacuum modulator on intake. linkage rod to carb.
This speedometer cable is direct from transmission to gauge.
Question answered. This forum is awesome  :-*


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