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Interior plastic/vinyl color (dark blue) 1989 GMC ‘Burb


Hi all,

Long time, no post.  So I helped a buddy secure an absolute unicorn of a 1989 GMC Suburban SLE the other day, for practically a song (at today’s prices for 73-87 (91) trucks.  If I had seen it first, I would have grabbed it for myself (like I need another)!  The guy (an older gentleman) actually kept it under a custom car cover.  Next chance I get I will post a pic of it here.  Though it has the 7.4/400 combo, it was actually was what my buddy wanted.  But it is an absolute time capsule, and runs and drives like brand new.

Anyway, I am trying to source the correct vinyl paint color to match the dark blue interior trim pieces.  Would anyone know what that is, and where I can locate it?  OER doesn’t appear to make it, and I can’t tell if SEM or Dupli-Color does, either.

So I am turning to the one place I feel sure can point me in the right direction.

Hope everyone is doing well!


You posted this in the projects board and I know it is OLD but if you take it to an automotive paint store should should be able to match the paint color or look it up for you and mix it.


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