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Is this carb OK?

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When I got my truck the fuel system was quite dirty, guess it had been sitting a while, the carb which was on it was an
Edelbrock, not sure what model, but it ended up choked with crud from the tanks. Anyway after giving the tanks a good clean out I needed another carb, I had one I'd rebuilt for my Corvette but due to a mismatch with the manifold it wasn't suitable so I fitted a Brawler 670 and now it's happy.
The carb I had from the Corvette was a Holley List 6619-1 which is a 600cfm with electric choke, this has worked OK on my truck but can't help wondering if it might be a bit small?
The truck came to me with a 383 stroker but I have no other info about the motor other than a sticker from Crane Cams saying the cam is CARB compliant with an EO No. D225-21 but don't know if this identifies the cam or not?
Truck is a 76 C10 longbed with a TH400 tranny, it seems to run OK and seems OK on fuel although I've never tried to get a consumption figure.
Googling the cam sticker seems it covers various cams and valve gear so no help there!
Any ideas?

600cfm would be a bit small for a 383....just about right for a mild 350.

That's what I thought although I have to say the truck runs well, wish I knew what was in the motor but I'm not about to pull it down just to find out! Might have to get another Brawler, have been very pleased with the one I put on my Corvette, setting up was very straightforward but will have to wait for the exchange rate to improve as it's not good for me just now and with petrol around 2 pounds a litre I'm restricting my driving and spending my time working on making improvements.

So Shifty, would a 750 cfm be too big for a mild/crate 350? Looking to improve gas mileage for obvious reasons!

Still a little big.  You could pull it off with a vacuum secondary Holley with a heavy spring on the vacuum chamber, but I'd stick around 650, possibly even a 600 with a little tuning.


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