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4L60 (700R4) cooling lines ?'s

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I'm looking for others having a SBC motor and a 4L60 (700R4) trans that maybe they have taken Pictures of the routing of the lines from the trans all the way up to the radiator, its how the bends are that I'm interested in. My motor & trans is out and when I mock my lines up they don't quite fit or run like I think they should. The lines don't run right or lay right with the starter in. They don't lay right going by and underneath the starter.

Don't beat me up to much as all of this is in my 68 C10, SBC motor, 4L60 overdrive trans, and yes I know I'm in a 73-87 truck forum.

So how about some pictures if you have any, it may or may not be of any good to me but it just might have something that gives me some ideas for the bends I'm looking for.

Here's kinda how it's ran on newer vehicles. These pictures are of starter changes, I think one shows the lines close to the starter snout,  but it might be because he's dropping the starter.

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Thanks, not a whole lot to go by but its a start.

Is it too short or does it look weird?
You can always add AN fittings and a line of choice to the tranny and cooler. Lines will need to be bent for certain. Long term better choice, maybe a little more cost up front to do AN fittings and add lines.

I Searched for retro kits, and can't find any.

It's just plumbing for vehicles though, just make it work. Lol
 I'm actually getting ready to do AN lines to for the oil cooler on my 93 k1500 because the OEM push to connect leaks all the time.

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I can and will take some pictures when our Weather "Cooperates" better as rain and flood warnings  for the next day or so. Motor & trans is out of truck and covered up now outside as my Garage is my Woodworking Shop so I'll have to wait out the storm LOL. Still waiting on the other tubing bender to be delivered.


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