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In-truck replacement of Power Steering Output shaft seal

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Has anyone tried to replace this seal in-truck?

Looks feasible, but thought I would tap the brain trust before diving in.

TIA for your assistance!

Are you talking about the one on the firewall? Have the seal and the two piece metal plates.

No, the actual shaft the pitman arm is bolted to.

The kit came with two seals, a flat washer, and snap ring.

You mean the steering gear box. Usually when the seals start leaking there is play in the gearbox. With the wheels on the ground, have an assistant rock the steering wheel while you watch the sector shaft for play. If play exists, changing the seal will be a waste of time. Consider a reman unit if it is walloped. If it looks okay, remove the pitman arm, snap ring and have at it. Try not to scratch the shaft when doing it.

I guess you're right, it really doesn't output anything  ::)

Thanks VZ, I'll do just that!


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