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Need a new power steering pump

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Okay, I need some advice as my ORIGINAL power steering pump is leaking on my '78 C10.  So, I am in need of some advice.  Should I......

1 - have it rebuilt (if I can find someone)
​2- buy remanufactured Delco and if so where should I order from
3-buy new - would prefer no "Made in China" and where should I buy from

Will also be replacing the ORIGINAL high pressure and return lines.

Thanks in advance

I purchased a new one from Summit Racing for my 78 GMC Sierra, happy with it. Summit also gives a military discount. I believe it was made in the USA - they can tell you. The P/N was LSC-13154. They also sell the hoses. Good Luck

Thnk you.  DId it come withthe reservoir?

Mr Diesel:
I rebuilt one once. Was surprisingly easy. Usually just the o-ring seals wear out since there are almost no hard parts to wear out inside. Just a bunch of o-rings keeping pressures in place.

Yes the summit pump included the resevoir and a brushed aluminum cap


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