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'74 C15 Sierra


I've been checking out this site for some time now, but am finally getting around to posting my project. I ripped my great uncle's truck apart in 2007-2008 (8th grade) in hopes of driving the truck to high school; and here we are 15 years later. The truck was originally light blue, but as a kid I wanted it black. I also wanted all of the trim off of the truck, which my dad told me I would regret, and I do. The truck was lowered, powder coated frame, new suspension, rebuilt SBC, new fuel/brake lines, etc. I am hoping to have the truck back from paint in the next few weeks so I can start to put it back together again.

Now that I am getting closer, I wanted to see if I could have someone help me with a few questions I have.

Does anyone have the color code for for the red/orange on the GMC emblems? The fender badge is unique to 73-74, so I can't find a reproduction emblem yet. If not, my plan is to match the color of the new cab corners.

Are there factory dimensions for the truck molding? I understand that they follow the body lines, but I'd like to have measurements to go off of. The same question for the fender emblem. The holes were all tacked in the first time it went to the body shop 14 years ago.

Lastly, I am wanting the interior color to be camel tan, which was not a color option for the 74, but it was for a 79. Is there any reason I can't order carpet for a 79?

And a thank you to everyone who posts on the site. I have already been able to answer a lot of other questions just by searching.


Nice work! A shorty to boot!

I'm 99% positive '79 will work.

Hump size will be different between C and K.


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