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Getting her ready for the long haul

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I've been on here along time but I have never been a consistent poster here, though you may recall me as I tend to be pretty detailed and include shoot tons of data or pics if at all possible.

heck, when i had an issue with the fuel pump back 10 years ago i had moved to Savannah GA 4 1/2 hrs south of "home" to me. Y'all were the ones who helped. shoot, between Chris, Vile, bd, im forgettin a few but yeah.

So I'm at my night job, using the free time i have researching and narrowing down options and honing in on exacts. I have to put new rims and tires on her, replace the old tank with a fuel cell and it is my choice to replace the feed/send fuel lines while i am at it, completely. A fuel pump is needed but thats an issue in a thread i just posted about here in the appropriate forum. Yep, its a good one.

I am super excited to have her back with me. EVERY DAY. This is a very special truck. So all excitement mentioned? I'm terrified, aint gon line. I did go down last may and tune her up completely, new plugs, wires, dist-cap/button, oil, optima battery. Ran her for a bit and she has sat since. Now its time to go get her.
670 miles roughly. 13 hrs give or take an hour on my driving. My overly analytical mind at this point beginning to conjure up the things that could happen. Nightmares of breakdowns, unplanned tow bills, what ifs. A buddy said, hey man, it breaks down? It breaks down. Grab a Uhaul truck, dolly and finish the ride. Hmm.... sounds like a doable option. So yeah, within the timeframe of the next 2 weeks roughly, this should all be going down.

I'll be dropping photos of it all along the way.

Glad to be back in the mix. I signed up to most of the other square sites over the years but this is the only place i really go to.

Get AAA motor club. That way if you have a breakdown, you can get it towed.

Awesome man, looking forward to the sights!

Check your air pressure before you leave and every time you get gas. If it starts pulling either way, check pressure on the side pulling.

Check the age of your tires, look for DOT and the four digits that follow. The first two are the week of the next two, the year. If they are more than ten years old and you cannot replace them now, drive under the speed limit.

Last, lift each front wheel off the ground and rotate the tire. With your hand on the bumper feel for any grinding of bearings being transferred to the bumper. Obviously if you hear grinding you need to service it.

If it's clean, wouldn't hurt to take off the grease cups and at least pack the outer bearings. If it looks dry and cracked, good time to pull the rotor and pack both inner and outer.

If it looks average, you can squirt some grease toward the inner bearing without pulling the rotor.

If time and money won't allow service, driving slower will keep things cooler. Heat KILLS!

Hand tools, gallons of water, flash light-but you knew that right?  ;)

Look forward to hearing about your travel adventure, be safe, and have fun!

My guy.... heck of a list, i'm with ya. So....

The tires are going to be brand new and I am going with 15x8 in the front, 15x10 in the back.

I don't know what I wanna do tire wise yet but I do know I am going with the old-school d window/racing rim look, all black.

Battery is brand new. A full tuneup was done 12 mos ago but i am going to certainly check all that out. shoot, the front end rebuild kit ima toss in the cab.

Now, what you said bout lifting it up and rotating the tire to inspect for grinding? I definitely wouldn't have done that, but I will now. And thats a plus on checking the bearings. My dad DID actually teach me that.

One time he was laughing at this guy on TV using a tool. Gave the ol "this is how REAL mechanics do it, that shoot don't get in the bearings like this!" bit, right? All the while he's talking he has a gob of grease in his palm pounding grease into it, til he stops and literally points out after knocking off the excess, to see grease actually coming through the seams from the outside in. So, yeah, heck yeah, ima definitely check that out. Sorry for the quick story time. Its crazy I thought about that while writing.

I am debating whether to rent a truck and a uhaul flat trailer, or chance driving it? I will make that decision once I get the rims tires and all that put together, see what we got.

Definitely going to keep yall updated.


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