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Mr. Machanic:
I'm working on ordering parts for replacement.
First on the "mechanical" list is the radiator.
The original does not leak; however, there is some vane corrosion and detatchment, so it won't be long and I wish to not get stranded.
So, I've been looking at replacements for the 28x19x2.5 size.
I don't care for the plastic cheeks and the aluminums look to be around 3 to 4 bills....it is what it is.
My fan is a non-clutch 18" but the shroud opening is just over 20".
My first guess is the original 19" fan has been replaced with this 18" because the clutch failed.
I have thought about a flex fan. Are they a good replacement or keep looking?
My other consideration is for an electric fan set up. Most likely 2 fans.
Anybody have feedback on the electric conversion?
I know a couple hp will be gained and that's a plus.
Thanks for your input.

I did the same on my '78 K10, aluminum radiator runs steady, needle hardly ever moves.

Electric fan for sure, did pick up HP, so much peppier that my wife noticed... 8)

Mine had a flex when I bought it, very noisy, ditched it first thing.

Mr. Machanic:
Thank you JP.
I appreciate it.

Mr. Machanic:
It was a beautiful day (ok....not actively down pouring or a blizzard) here in ohio.
Summit Racing is not far so I took Big'in out for a run.
I didn't find one in the "demo" isle so I went to the order desk and looked over the options and got an all aluminum one for less than the factory replica.
Made it home in one piece and started to dismantle. The tranny lines were stubborn, but got them out with very minimal "nut boogering" on the top one and none on the bottom one. Also pulled the overflow tank out.
BTW...What's the deal with 10mm bolts holding on the tank and fan shroud? About drove me up a tree trying to find a socket. Sheesh!
Anywho, got everything out and the new one in...mostly. I had to cut some 3/8" sheet rubber to make saddles for the new radiator. That took a few extra minutes, but soon it was in.
The new one is about an inch short on the 28" length.
But the old rad was not a 2" core like specs call for, it is 1" ,so this ain't the original. Maybe a second or 3rd replacement.
Well, the "inch short" in length sure did throw a monkey wrench in the works.
The original shroud is not going to fit back on because there's shroud where inlet hose needs to be. Hacking the shroud will look like a hacked shroud and I'm trying to not make it look like some knuckle head got in there.
So back to Summit to do a premature electric fan upgrade.
Now, this just got about twice as expensive as I had planned.
Aluminum shroud, 2 fans and the wiring harness later and I really need to get out of there.

On the agenda for tomorrow:
Find a better paying job....
Hit the hardware store for bolts to mount the fans. Them little zippy ties going between radiator fins is kinda lame. (In my book)...
Drill some holes in the shroud for fan bolts.
Mount shroud to radiator and fans to shroud.
Throw it back in. Wire it up.
Then read instructions. Rinse and repeat.

Does anybody actually run those zippy ties thru the fins?
I mean my first thought was, those fans are kinda heavy and you are asking little aluminum fins to hold that weight with heat and vibration?
I'll stick with brass bolts and a touch of thread locker, thank you.

Hard to follow this but if you bought a replacement radiator and it isn't the same size, you bought the wrong one...
I have had good luck which Spectre, Cold Case and Summit branded, fit like factory.


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