Author Topic: 1984 k20 frame with 70's k10 front and rear axles. Any issues to do this?  (Read 839 times)


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Before I get ask why anyone would do this, I already own a 1985 K20 8 lug truck. I want a 1500 K10 but cant find one in a decent budget.
I found a guy local and he has a 1984 k20 frame and a 70's something blazer with the 6 lug axle's. What issues would I be looking for doing
this swap. Rear shock mount difference? What should I look out for? I have a 85 c10 that I want to convert to K10. Thanks

here is the 84 k20 donor and the 70's blazer for the axle swaps.

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Are you trying to convert the 1985 K20 8 lug truck to 1/2T 6 lug axles, or are you trying to convert the 85 c10 to K10 using the donor axles from the Blazer?
I ask since you posted the K30 and the Blazer.

Converting the K20 would be going in the wrong direction as the axles wlll be weaker.

If I understand the questions/answers correctly I would put the 1984 k20 frame and the 70's something blazer 6 lug axle's. under it and then body swap the 85 c10 body onto the frame.