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Just a word of thanks


I do not post a lot of things here. But I do ravenously peruse the sight for answers to questions and information.

I would like to say thank you to the members, leaders, and admin of this site. I can always find what I need here due to great and knowledgeable members that frequent this site/forum.

My 86 c20 has gone from a pasture find to a running and moving truck that needs a lot more to be a daily driver, but is well on its way due to the information found here. You guys give me the fire I need to keep going and a vision I can look to.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the feedback.  It is nice to hear positive feedback. I appreciated it along with the rest of us, I am sure.

Agreed.  Your message is very gracious and appreciated by all.  Thank you.

Lot of good info/tips/tricks on this site!  :D


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