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74 C10 OEM Wiper Switch Part Number


Rapid Roy:
Searching for the switch part number. It is the dash, 2 speed switch with push for washer.

Also would like to find a pdf file of all 74 C10 oem parts if there is one available.

Easy t find anywhere on the net and at some local parts stores and salvage yards. You may also be able to get one on this forums store, if you don't see it ask. They have many parts and can get you about anything you want.



Rapid Roy:
Thanks for the info. Wondering if the washer pump can be rebuilt? Having issues with consistent washer operation. Switch is OE so I thought it may just be old and not working correctly or it may be the pump.

There are rebuild kits out there. However, I would just buy a new one and be done with it.


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