Author Topic: Just gentle reminder about the dangers of automotive paints  (Read 12024 times)

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Just gentle reminder about the dangers of automotive paints
« on: January 10, 2008, 09:42:00 AM »
For those that want to save by doing it themselves:

Please, Please read all you can about how to protect yourself from paint chemicals, especially hardeners. Read the MDS for every product you use. You can do some serious, permanent damage to your lungs, liver, kidneys, brain, etc... by not using the proper safety equipment.

It is important that you take the time and read ALL you can and make an informed decision on your own.

I have started to get into this "painting" thing on my own, no mentor. There is a local paint jobber staffed by knowledgable and helpful 20-30yr veterans, but half of them look like they're strung out on meth. I mean they look rough. After seeing them and what this stuff has done to their health and appearance, I have decided that I will just do the dents, dings, and primer and pay a professional to take the risk with the finish coats.

From what I have found, the dangers are greater for the do-it-yourselfer. We are less likely to have the proper ventilation, which is the key to protecting yourself.

Go in with your eyes open, and know the risks as well as the rewards.

some forums I have found:

Oh, and google "isocyanates"
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Re: Just gentle reminder about the dangers of automotive paints
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That is great information.  I have seen the same thing.  I also wonder how much damage I am doing to myself painting this truck? ???  But, on the other hand, if you research forum there is much discussion on the effectiveness of half face resperators (3m etc.... particle/vapor canister) filtering out Iso's.  I replace mine often, and keep them sealed in a plastic bag when not in use.

When I took my adult votech class, all we used were half face resperators.  I understand that they will filter out iso's up until a point that if you start smelling chemicals then, iso's are also getting through - but I do not wait that long.  I replace my canisters after about 8 hours of continuous use.  This is what I feel is "safe" for me. 

I also wear clear swimming gogles over my eyes to protect them from paint spray and chemicals.  I also wear coveralls and wash them regularily.  The second most important thing to wear besides your respirator is a hair cover.  Your hair is a freeway for chemicals to go straight into your body.  Don't forget to wear rubber (nitrile) gloves.

Anyhow, this is what I do to protect myself.  Is it good - I don't know.  But I am only painting one vehicle.  I figure the crap I breathed in while fighting fires is prob. going to kill me quicker than the limited amount of painting I do. :-\
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Re: Just gentle reminder about the dangers of automotive paints
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I like to put my .02 in this topic if i may,
I am a painter by trade.I paint military airplanes for a subcontractor for the government.And safety is the biggest issue .We wear full paper suits when we paint to protect ourselves.When it comes time to paint  we wear full face air supplied respirators.And its mandatory to wear safety glasses and when we mix paint we use blue latex gloves and green chemical gloves.When we dispose the material we have to put it in a contained 55 gallon container and then compact the cans in another 55 gallon drum compactor.Its so important to keep proper ventilation and NEVER paint without the  PPE (proper protection equipment).When we got to do a outside job thats not in our hangar and its alot of spraying we use a air box and the fresh air system.But i been painting alot in my life and seen alot of guys that too look like they been thru heck, guys that use to mix filler in like quarts at a time and now they got massive arthritis in their hands and cant even lift 2 lbs without sharp pains.Its a shame that some don't think of reading the label and see that this stuff is toxic and can kill you if you do it for a very long period of time w/o protecting yourself.I use to paint well water tanks for a shop in rhode island and we used the filter cartridges and use to use the fiber filter on top of that  and we never had a supply of them in our lockers and used them for like days.It got to the point they were clogged solid and we use to paint w/poor respirators and it was to then point a couple of nights i couldn't breathe and use to cough my head off cause of it.Well i had enough of that n after 3 years of working for them i quit. Sorry for the long reply but the biggest thing is protection and you`ll be OK, don't ever half ass the thought of wearing just a suit and a paper dust mask PUT IT ALL ON !!!

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