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Wiper button for wiper arm
« on: April 11, 2023, 08:29:34 PM »
Hoping someone has an extra wiper linkage somewhere.  I took out my linkage and restored it, but in the process, I lost my 2 buttons that the wiper arm fastens to.  You ask, how did you do that since the cap is "kinda" mushroomed on...   Well, see photos.  I lightly ground off the "star" to pull the cap off, to remove the shaft and clean/restore it.  I was going to put the caps back over the stem, and just barely tack weld them, but I can not find them.  I found a truck that someone was scrapping, but he wanted the same price, for what I could buy a new linkage for, roughly $65.  If someone had a linkage that was not useful to them, I would be interested.  Otherwise, I guess I'll buy a new linkage, but really didn't want to, since I have this one all restored...., (minus my missing caps)....  Thanks!  PM me is you have something.