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Air conditioner compressor belt.

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I have a 1974 chevy c10 stepside.  350 engine with air.  The air conditioner belt is somewhere around 58 inches.  Does anybody have a part number for that particular belt?  It goes around one of the harmonic balancer pulleys, and the power steering, and the water pump and the air conditioner compressor.  I am buying a belt at a time to get the right one but if someone has a part number it would make my process faster...  Thanks for any help....

Rapid Roy:
If it is a stock setup, you can get one at any auto parts store. Search for it online.

You can look at belts by length at the local part stores. That is what I did. If your used belt has a part number look it up, if not measure it and then look at belts by length. I attached a pick of my a/c belt with a Gen Air system. It was 59 5/8". I bought it because of the length.

If you go the Gates Web site you can look up the belt by length.


Other manufacturer's may do the same thing. I just looked at Gates products.

Gates says the factory outside measurement is 55.29, Dayco says 55.07, but if you want a custom size, you could order a 15580 in Dayco, or 7580 in Gates.

I don't know why this setup is not some standard part.  Truck has been through many hands over the years.  I have a few belts on order from amazon.  I will just return the unused ones.  I should be able to narrow it down by installing just a couple.  Measuring says 58 inches but 58 was too big.  I have half inch graduations on order down to 56 inches.... 


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