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250 I6 to 262(4.3) swap


Hi guys, i'm sure ill get scolded for doing this wrong as a newbie. but I have a question worth the trouble. Been a long time reader of this sights tech chats, super informative and has helped several times with my 77' Big10 and several friends trucks over the years.

Here's my issue, I have a 78 G10 van w/ a 250-6 (integral head) and 3 on the tree (the van sites aren't as techy as the truck sites) the motor was shot 10 years ago, I threw a 95' 4.3 V6 with 96k in (expecting the perches to match). As I understand it (from the subject: 86 C10 262 to 305 swap) 85'-87' 4.3 perches are the only frame ones I can use for this swap. (BTW, this is only site I found that info on). I guess my question is.......... Is there an after market option or am I destined to a life of junkyard searching in the short term? Are there part number(s) to reference further?
Until I get the motor settled in, I can't jump to the next problem, which is the exhaust manifold and exhaust routing to accommodate the clutch/shift linkage for 3 on the tree.

Thank you in advance, Chuck

I believe the transdapt mounts will do the trick for you

Stewart G Griffin:

--- Quote from: VileZambonie on April 26, 2023, 06:27:51 PM ---I believe the transdapt mounts will do the trick for you

--- End quote ---

Huh.....i never knew these existed!



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