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TCC Vacuum Line Connection


Have a 1986 K10, 700R4, originally a 305 now has a 350 out of a 1972 C30 camper. The 700R4 has a 1989 date code. I know I have a lockup converter. My TCC vacuum line was disconnected by the PO and most of the vacuum system/front cannister has been removed as has the Tip In valve. The engine has an Edelbrock Performer intake with an Edelbrock 1406 carb. Currently, I am using the ported vacuum on the front left of carb for the HEI vacuum advance. The middle port runs to the PCV and the right is capped. Brake booster is run off the vac from tree on rear of manifold. I believe I would need ported vacuum for the TCC? If so, is the ported vac on front left/HEI vacuum advance really the only place I can pull that from with a T fitting? Also, are the little check/delay valves that run inline with the TCC hose right before the TCC available as aftermarket? If not, is it okay to connect without? Thanks.

Run the brake booster from the port in the back of the carburetor. Switch your HEI to full vacuum. You don't need a vacuum signal to operate the TCC. Are you talking about for the low vacuum switch?

Sorry. Talking about the torque converter lockup solenoid on the firewall next to the brake booster. I believe it needs ported vacuum and Iím just trying to see if there is somewhere other than the front left of carb to pull ported vacuum.

Low vacuum switch should have full vacuum signal


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