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Tailgate Identification - What year do I have?

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OK, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss and document the differences in 73-87 GM tailgates.  If we can get a good and accurate discussion going, I'll put this on for everyone else to see and use as a reference.  Anyone here with me?

Here are some of the pics I have. 

These are mid/late 70's gates.  I believe the white one is more mid 70's (maybe 75/76), while the green one is a late 70's (maybe 77-80)...

Here are comparisons of the latch assembly on the gates...

I tried to get a pic of my '73 gate, which is currently bare steel, but it didn't turn out...I'll try again later.  Until then, here is a picture of it from the side...notice the differences in the bottom trunion... would be nice to narrow down which ones are which.  If anyone can go out to their truck, snap a few quality pics, and post them here along with the information about the truck it is off...that would be awesome!  Also, if you know for a fact what the differences are between the years, it would be great to hear from you.

im pretty certain the white one is 76-80, the green one is 81-87

but i prefer mine  ;D

75 C20:

--- Quote from: loudnlow87 on September 07, 2007, 10:48:22 PM --- the green one is 81-87

--- End quote ---
i'm 99% sure  the green one isnt 81-87

The 81+ gates have a more boxy recessed are with the raised script to the right side....not centered.

Anyone want to post some pics of their tailgates?

Here is the factory gate from my 74 GMC. Most noticeable differences are the hinge isn't quick release, the tailgate has to be unbolted to be removed. It has the upper tangs that stick into the bed sides. In the upper left hand corner the sheet metal is raised with the letters GMC and factory GMC letters on top of them. It also originally had the trim like your green one does.

Here is an aftermarket 81-87 gate on my 85

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