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How many people prefer to use Paypal?

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I am thinking about no longer accepting paypal for payment on items in the store.  I want some feedback.  What do you guys think?  If there is sufficient response I will just keep it.

chris i have never used paypal so it is fine with me i allways use a money order  ;)

         I'd rather see their fees go into your pocket.  I have a similar situation with Amex.  We pi..ed of enough people years ago when we did not accept it.  Now I smile and take their card, but it does cost us more.

Don't you have to deal with that stupid charge for using PayPal?  Like 3% or something?  I bought a roller cam for my Lincoln from a guy in AZ and I used paypal but he added the charge on top of that.  Just seems stupid to me.  When I sell stuff I use money orders.  

I love paypal :) when I think of something in the middle of the night I dont need to go find my wallet :)

It is great for Ebay I have used it here when I didnt feel like going to get my wallet


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