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Crew Cab Headliners in the making

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Back in the Summer of 2010 I had a fellow 73-87 owner that had a spare Crew Cab headliner upon which I bought sight unseen and had him ship it to a company that forms a lot of parts for us.  Shortly after this the company closed.  Luckily the headliner was in his personal possession.  After a few years of him trying to bring back his current product offering I finally asked for it back due to the interest of this thread:

As of October 11, 2013, I received the headliner back into my possession.  It was basically intact for the most part, but it had definitely seen better days.  Due to size restrictions back in 2010 I had the fellow 73-87 owner cut it in half, it is sitting together here:

October 31, 2013: Dropped by the placing helping with the Pillar Pods and they have already started making progress on the headliner.  Due to size and installation limitations, we are currently approaching it to be done in 2 pieces and be bonded together.  This is progress of less than a week!

November 14, 2013: Got a call yesterday telling me they have the raw mold made and did a pull on it and I could come down and pick it up for test fitting.  Went by this morning and picked it up.  Feedback is welcome.

I now actually have a 90 burb headliner with overhead console ( which obviously doesn't fit perfect) Could we use this headliner in conjunction with overhead console? Is did a "pull on it" slang for something? or typo confused............

Yes it can be used for both, you just have to cut the opening for the console to fit.

They have a mold and they vacuumed form what you see and pulled the above off the mold as is...


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