Author Topic: Areas to look at when buying a 73-87 Truck  (Read 5592 times)

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Areas to look at when buying a 73-87 Truck
« on: November 25, 2014, 10:31:08 AM »

Rust areas:
Battery Tray
Core support under battery tray
rear of inner fenders
front of inner fenders where they meet up to core support
front of hood (where latch is)
Cowl area where the firewall meets the cowl (If water is in the floor, this is where it will come in)
Seam at the firewall
bottoms of the front fender both front and rear
bottom of doors
rocker panels
front body mount support
Rear body mount/floor support (Blazer)
Front floor pans (on Blazer, rear floor pans behind front seat)
rear b-pillar at the bottom where it meets the floor
Rear drop off at the bed and floor transition
inner rear fender lips
rear gastank hump
rear of bed
rear cross sill under bed
tears at the window opening on the tailgate (Blazer)
wheel opening on front and rear (lips are bad about holding water and mud if not cleaned)

All accessories work:
Lights in cluster
AC fan on all settings
power windows  (roll them all the way up AND down)
power locks  (lock them and make sure they lock and unlock)
dome light
floor light
Cigarette lighter
turn signal lights
brake lights
head lights

AC works (blow cold)
heater works (gets warm
engine cranks, runs with good pressure (compression test is good telltale)
brakes (get it up to speed on isolated road and stop in simulated panic)
Trans shifts correctly (under load, up hill down hill driving down highway)
transfercase works (do this off of pavement) will it shift in and out of all gear ranges
Do the hubs work (automatic or manual)
check ujoints and kingpins for slot
Tires for bearing slop
driveshaft joints
axles for leaks at pinion seal
back of tire for wheel cylinder leaks
body damage