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I bought this truck last year to drive so I could do some work on my 74 that I was daily driving. I wanted something I could fit my family into comfortably. It was a 45 day old Craigslist ad.  $1300, supposedly 10k miles on a rebuilt 454, supposedly 8k on a rebuilt th400. Body was a little rough, headache rack wrong bumper,  phantom grille. I made a phone call,  left a message.

The next day,  I got a text saying he still had the truck.  I was pulling money together to buy something.  I set up to go look at it for that weekend.  I brought my best friend with me to talk me out of doing anything dumb. 

We got out there,  it fired up smooth,  idled pretty good,  slight exhaust leak the carb needed a rebuild. It shifted smooth the windshield was hosed,  and the interior was hammered.  But the bones were good.  I told him I was pulling the money together and I wanted it. 

The money came,  the truck was there,  I bought it.  I had a huge smile on my face the whole drive home.

I did absolutely nothing to the truck for the first few months except put gas in it and drive it. 

Then... well snowball.  The rubber fuel hoses were garbage,  the feed hose  spilt leaving work one day.  I then redid the rubber hoses from the drivers side tank to the carb. I deleted the passenger side tank.  Then,  oil change and tune up.  The plugs were not 10k plugs. I broke 1 plug,  and three plug wires doing the tune up.  I don't know what the firing order was,  but it wasn't right.  Next,  the passenger side rear window stuck down. And then the steering column broke in the rack area.  I traded a double pumper for a replacement column.  It sat in the truck for a while,  I was getting frustrated of things just keep breaking, I let it sit until the first week of December when my 74 got hit while parked at work. 

I took my anger out that night on the steering column.  I swapped it out, then fired the truck up the next morning.   I drove it for a few weeks, then decided to rebuild the carb.  Much much better.  After all that work,  the big pig was getting 12 mpg on the freeway, and about 9 to ten in town. 

In January I found a good hood and fender on Craigslist for $50. I bought those and swapped them out.  Then I put a windshield and 6 new tires on it after the tread peeled on the passenger rear outer, and with it went the dually fender. 

Fast forward to June.  The seat bracket on the front bench broke,  swapped out for a set of power buckets from a 96 regal my buddy had.  Then got the rear window fixed.  I thought it was the motor,  since it didn't work off either switch.  I decided I wanted nothing to do with changing they motor,  so I took it to a shop by my apartment, they actually found it to be the switch.  Easy fix.

I also bought the drop parts, along with new rotors, pads, ball joints. I had originally planned on waiting until about now to start the drop,  but my fool head made me start it in July. 

I lowered my 74 in 1/3rd of the time this one took. Bigger=Heavier.

Now it's lowered,  and I have some finishing touches to do so I can drive it.  I discovered that somewhere along the way the passenger side bedside had been swapped with a non dually bedside. The wheel opening had been cut some,  it cleared the stock height,  not so much with a 6/8 drop. I'll be doing the bedside and the pinion angle tonight hopefully.  I'll also have to roll the fender lips up front so I don't rub.

Up next,  89-91 gmc burb front clip swap, replace the dually fender that got shark bit, and a/c before next summer.  I've got to pull the harness out and clean it up. There's some weird stuff going on there that I need to sort out.  I also need to do the hydro boost unit,  it's starting to leak. 

But now we're up to date on it.  Here's some pics, I'll find some more later, I'm not sure where they all are.



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Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk

So now we're pretty caught up.  I'm trying to locate a good front bumper for it,  get the 73-80 bumper off of it. As soon as I track one down, I'll do the burb front clip swap. I have another dually fender for it,  it needs a little bit of work,  I'm trying to decide if I want to attempt it or just leave it to a pro. And I'm gonna get the rear slider taken out and put a solid window in. I may tint these windows since it is my daily,  but who knows.

welcome to the crew cab club


How low is your lowering kit? Who did you buy it from? Great Start!!


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