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Upload folder is currently full, so new photos currently cannot be added

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If you are getting this error when uploading photos:

An Error Has Occurred!  The upload folder is full. Please try a smaller file and/or contact an administrator.

We know about it.  This is because we need to expand space on the forum to allow for more uploads.  There is no reason to report this.  Once we have space expanded I will reply here.  Unfortunately right now is may be a couple weeks as I have sold a house with my garage and have to remove everything from in less than a month.  So please be patient..

thank you   :)

This should be fixed now.  Please let me know if you have issues by replying to this post.

Just a side note, but imgur is a great place to upload images then just link them here in the posts..

I much prefer images to be uploaded to the forum.  That way broken images don't occur and threads loose context when users move or delete their images.
I can't control that but I will always purchase drive space and add when needed.

Chris Lucas


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