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Funky vin number


Iím looking at an 1984 4 door Chevy custom deluxe. Itís has a regular rear axel not dually.  My issue is Iím trying to de-code the vin but itís not close to matching up. Maybe some of you grey beards know.

The vin is : 16c6c23m3est17096

Your first two 6's should be G's and the t should be a numeral since it would be the first number in the six digit sequential serial number. .
I get, US built chevy, 8001-9000 gvw, 2 wheel drive, 3/4 ton, 4 door, 350, 84, built in St Louis. then the mystery serial number

VIN doesn't appear to be valid, according to all my vin-breakers.


This is the correct vin! Iím excited for this find. Anything specific about the bonus I need to look out for. Itís a 4 speed.

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