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I'm new to the forum. I have a 1978 Chevy C10 shortbed, 350. I'm replacing the upper control arms, tie rods, pitman and idler arm. After removing everything I started looking at the lower control arms. They are in fairly good shape. But I was thinking while its apart I might replace the lowers. I can't find new replacements except for "tubular" which are very expensive. So my question is are the C20 lower control arms interchangeable with the C10. I'm sure they would heavier but I would think the dimensions would be the same.

I just went through a similar thing on my 74 c1500. From what I could tell the lower c10 control arms are different from the c20 and c30. They look similar but have different ball joints and bushings.  I ended up just rebuilding mine with new bushings and ball joints.

Sandblast, powder coat and rebuild them.

Big Nick spoke the unspeakable... :(

Keep in mind that almost all of the bolt-on control arms that are available nowadays are made in china.  Some of the "CK" part number prefix ones in Moog are still USA-made, but that's changing too.   :(


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