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Best Protective Coating for frames and under body?

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Would like to clean and coat the surface rust from under the C10.

What have y'all used and liked?


I used chasis saver on a blasted frame. Truck hasn't been on the road since, but it's on there like a rock, smash it with a hammer,  dig into with a wrench, it doesn't come off. Think I still have some on my skin from 3 months ago. So far very happy-just my uninformed opinion...

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I used this stuff.

Sprays on nice and uniform, rubberized too.

It all depends on your surface prep.  Good paint over so-so prep is worse than bare.  The coating locks tightly together and moisture gets underneath and rust forms.  My $.02

I soaked all the front end components in a molasses water 1:9 mixture in a 44 gallon trash can.

They came out as bare metal. Rinsed off with water, let dry and sprayed them with a couple of coats.

Some parts that were really coated with gunk took longer than others.


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