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Mr. Machanic:
Good evening group,

I would like to add an auxillary battery under the hood. (Ain't like there's not enuf room)

Can someone, who might have an auxillary battery, take a picture of how the auxillary tray is arranged and fastened to the truck?

I've looked in my manuals and there's nothing to reference.

Thanks in advance.

While I've never seen one setup, doesn't mean they didn't. I've got evidence that one came with my R30.

I would think you take a stock tray and adapt it to the drivers side.

Bigger question is why? Camper? Accessories? Backup in case primary dies?

In either case, seems you would need an alternator with higher amperage along with deep cell batteries.

Never did study the wiring circuit(s) for a dual setup...

Mr. Machanic:
It is going to be used as a pop up camper puller.
an aux battery tray assembly is available, but nowhere can I find out where it bolts up.
The alternator of 80amp would be ample for both batteries if a couple diodes are used to isolate batt#2 from drawing down batt#1.

It's not something I have to do, but it would come in handy and be relatively cheap.


Mr. Machanic:
Thanks for the link and I would like to support them; however, as you can see by the picture,  there are parts missing from the list in the link and the prices are more than double.
And having already bought the primary battery tray and being very satisied with the quality of the finish and material, I wouldn't hesitate to buy again.
The total cost for the auxillary tray is under $40 for all the parts, including all the fasteners.


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