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black rally wheels?

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does anybody have pictures of rally wheels painted black with nice rings and center caps on their trucks?  im thinking of going this route and if it looks good I will need to know where to get these wheels.  do they already come painted black from somewhere?  I think this combo would look really nice.  and if its out there i need to see some pics!  also can these come in 16 in or are they only in 15?  any help would be appreciated.

My caps weren't good, but they were decent(scratched them up when loading the truck on a small trailer).  Most of my pics show the truck dirty since we live on a dusty farm road.

yea i want pics like that but maybe with 4x4 center caps too.  like chrome rings, black wheels and chrome center caps for the 4 wheel drive

Here's when mine where black with trim rings.

thanks mater
that looks great i think


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