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Front Windshield removal/installation.

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Is windshield replacement a D.Y.I. job? My 1986 K-10 windshield just got a crack in it, and I was hoping to find one in the bone yard and put it in myself. What are the steps and do I need any special tools?
                       Thanks in advance
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I guess nearly anything could eventually be a DIY job, however, if you know someone in the business, that would be advisable.  They have those suction cup handles.  Once you put the seal down, you have one chance to get the windshield in place.  You need two people to do this.

I would just shop around.  I went to a glass shop and told them my insurance doesnt cover windshields, they told me if the seal is good, they'd put a new windshield in for $158.00...i said go for it. If they know you're paying cash, they come way off the price they charge insurance companies.

Another possiblity, tell a shop you have your own new glass and see how much for 20  minutes labor to get that puppy in.  


Windsheild in a rubber gasket is easy. You might want to get a nylon bar any glass shop will sell them, or a paint stir stick works O.K. but not as good. Pull the zipper out all the way around, then push the glass out, The gasket wil most likely fall out or try to come with the glass no big deal. One old is out, clean any galls chips, dirt, etc. form the gasket. Re install the gasket onto the cab pinch weld. Clean the edgees of the glass good too.Take your glass and set it in the channel on the bottm edge.Tow people isgood but not a must. Lay the glass back against the gasket, then use the nylon bar to work it down into the channel. Liquid car soap works good as a lubricant. Don't use dish soap as it can harm automotive paint. Spray silicone works good too but is hard to clean up. One glass is in you can work the zipper back in with the nylon bar or scew driver, but there is as tool made for this. If it breaks a 15 dollar bill I would be suprised.

123 pugsy:
Hey Blazin,does that work the same for the back glass? I gotta do both soon. Thanks

Some back glass has the zipper others don't. If it dosn't take a peice of high quality braided rope that will fit inside the chanel that grabs the pinch weld. Fit the gasket onto the glass, stuff the rope into the chanel leaving the ends hanging out at the midle bottm, I useually tape the ends to the glass, have a budy hold the glass and gasket up against the hole setting the bottom chanel over the pinch weld as best you can with the rope in there too, then pull the gasket in over the pinch weld with the rope. The guy outside needs to apply presure all along at the same point the rope is pulling the gasket in. The bottom corners are a pain.  


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