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Hood Hinges


The hinges on my 77 stepside took a turn for the worse. I have to push the hood torwards the cab to close it and it stays up an inch or so on the sides when closed.
Are these things rebuildable?

123 pugsy:
You would have to drill every hole oversize and install new pins. I used 1/2" bolts with a shoulder (long ones with a smooth part) and cut off the extra.Then I put them thru the holes and welded them on.

Let me know if you want to see photos. Edited by: 123 pugsy at: 6/22/06 4:45 am

Hey, that would be cool... was it a kit or hardware store pieces? Is there a kit?

123 pugsy:
Just regular 1/2" bolts long enough to have a smooth shoulder on them.

Warning: It takes longer to do than you'd think.

The bolts are welded from the other side.I used paper shims between for clearance which disappeared with the welding.


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