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Heater Core Replacement HELP!!!!!!

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Hey all. The heater core starting leaking all over my passenger floor yesterday on my 1983 Silverado. I need to know how difficult of a job this is to replace. does the passenger innerwell need to come out? Do I get to it from the inside of the truck or under the hood? Any advice would be appreciated. The truck has a/c.  Edited by: olds7980 at: 9/16/05 10:36 am

Pain in the back side. plan on a week end. My 80 took forevere with the rusted bolts.
Make sure you get up all the water or you will end up with a rusted  pan.


as far as Heater cores go this is an easy one. Some guys cheat and cut the box open but I don't see the point.

Less A/C

Disconnect battery ground cable, then drain cooling system.
Disconnect heater hoses at core, then plug core tubes to prevent coolant spillage.
Working from engine compartment, remove distributor duct stud attaching nuts.
Remove glove box and door assembly.
Disconnect air-defrost and temperature door cables.
Remove floor outlet, then the defroster duct to heater distributor duct attaching screw.
Remove heater distributor to dash panel attaching screws,
Pull distributor rearward, then disconnect all harnesses that will interfere with distributor removal.
Remove heater distributor from vehicle.
Remove heater core retaining straps, then the heater core.
Reverse procedure to install.

A/C & heater assembly. C, K, R & V models

With A/C

Disconnect battery ground cable, then drain cooling system.
Disconnect heater hoses at core and plug core tubes.
Remove glove box assembly.
Remove screws at center duct to selector duct/instrument panel. Remove center upper and lower ducts.
Disconnect bowden cable at temperature door.
Remove nuts at selector duct studs (projecting through firewall). Remove selector duct to firewall screw.
Draw selector duct assembly rearward so core tubes clear firewall. Lower assembly sufficiently to remove vacuum lines and harness connections.
Remove selector duct assembly. Disconnect core mounting straps and remove core, Fig. 24.
Reverse procedure to install.

Thanks for the detailed reply on this. Cutting the box open might be an option for me though. This truck is a beater that is just getting me around. I have owned it for a year and want to take it through one more winter. It is already a pile of rust with no value. Would I cut the box open from the inside? Just asking, not that I will go this route for sure. Thanks

wOW not much activiity on this site.  


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