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Some C/K and  R/V models without air conditioning may have water entering into the vehicle through the right and/or left fresh air vents in the kick panels. With the fresh air vent in the open position, water from the hood hinge water deflector (Figure 1A) may drip into the fresh air vent door and then flow onto the floor of the vehicle.

To repair this condition, a hood hinge water deflector extension (Figure 1B) can be placed over the existing deflector (Figure 1C) to direct the flow of water past the fresh air vent door.

To access the hood hinge water deflector, remove the fresh air vent assembly from the kick panel and reach up into the inner fender through the kick panel opening. The triangular shaped hood hinge water deflector can be felt about four inches up inside the opening. The new deflector extension will snap over the existing deflector and be held in place by tabs on the extension as shown in Figure 1D. Figure 1E shows the hood hinge water deflector with extension attached. A silicone sealer applied to the back side of the extension as shown in Figure 1D will help hold it in position and prevent any rattling noise.

Labor Op T7400 should be used when performing this operation. Repair time is .8 hours for both sides.

Part Number                   Description                         Quantity

    15606309                    Deflector - LH                           1

    15606310                    Deflector - RH                           1

    1052751                     G.E. Silmate
                                Silicone Rubber
                                or equivalent                    As Required


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