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Fuel selector switch

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My fuel selector switch has failed....toggle wont go back in the other direction. I cant seem to find the same time of toggle switch..all the new replacement switches are of the rocker type. Anyone know where to get the old style toggle switches?

Autozone sells them. The rocker switch is for TBI equipped trucks. The momentary switch is for the carburetted trucks.

i dont have a momentary switch ....its stays in whatever position i put it in...either one way for aux or one way for main. I could use the rocker but since it already has the hole for the toggle switch i wanted to used the toggle style instead of the rocker.

They didn't come with a toggle switch. So whatever you have is aftermarket

some how i knew someone would say could get the rocker switch.....everyone selling them but then i got the hole in the lower dash there......oh well i guess it will be the rocker switch.


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