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NP205 Tech INFO (diesel hub)

More NP205 Tech and Input shaft (off road design)

205 Parts list

Np203 Tech (diesel hub)

Np203 rebuild (four wheeler)

208 Tech (diesel hub)

208 manual

NP241 (diesel hub)

This is from the sticker GM put on 4x4 81+ that had the NP208

Part time 4x4
Transfer case shift control
2h High range- normal 2 wheel drive (maximum fuel economy with hubs in “free” position)

4H* -high range- 4 wheel drive with hub knobs in “lock” position.
Notice: do not shift transfer case while vehicle is moving and hubs are in “free” position
Shifting between 2H and 4H can be made at any speed with the hub knobs in “lock” position

N -Neutral- Disengages the power to the wheels. (while this vehicle is in tow, hub knobs must be in the “free” position and transmission in “park” position)

4L* –Low range- 4 wheel drive with the hubs knobs in lock position.
Notice: while in L do not exceed 35 mph (55kph) for m1009 vehicles or 25 mph (40 kph) for all other vehicles

*4H & 4L for low traction conditions only (mud, snow, sand or stones).

Manual hub locks
To obtain 4 wheel drive, manual hub knobs MUST be in “lock” position and transfer case lever MUST be in (4H) or (4L)
Note: fuel economy will be reduced when vehicle is operated in 4wd or 2wd with hub knobs in “lock” position
Notice: Do not operate this vehicle with hub knobs between “free” and “lock” positions.

To unlock hubs shift transfer case to (2H) and turn hub knobs to “free” position.
Note: turn hub knobs with fingers of the hand only.

Notice: Incomplete shifting of the transfer case or having only one hib in the “free” position may cause an abnormal sound from the front axle. Check to be sure that both knobs are in the same position and complete the transfer case shift.


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