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vintage air front and rear

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Anybody use vintage air for the front and manage to hook it up to rear air?

I haven't, but it is just a matter of tying in the lines.  Have you talked to Vintage?

Gave them a call last week and they were no help. There only suggestion was to get on the forum and ask.

wow, really.  It is their system?  If you are going to run the rear factory setup you would just need to tie in the front to the rear like the factory.

i emailed VA a couple weeks ago to see what they could do with my crew cab cummins. they replied back with this

"We do not offer anything made specifically for that vehicle and can only recommend a universal type kit.
Go to our online catalog and view pages 44 thru 51 to see which unit will fit best.
Always try and go with the largest that will fit to ensure sufficient cooling capacity.
We do not offer compressor brackets for diesel engines so that would be something you would have to either fabricate or seek elsewhere."

a little more help would be useful they didnt even say "this" will fit your truck but you have to figure out the compressor on your own

their customer service didnt impress me but i just realized they dont have the years right they stop at 87


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