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K5 Body Swap


How much trouble is it to put a 1984 K5 body on a 1979 K5 frame?

I know that this is a REALLY old post but, as others may have the same question, I thought I would share my experience. I put an 83 tub on a 76 frame. The newer tub has a longer cab floor (and a shorter bed floor). My 83 cab floor extends back to the front of the rear wheel tubs and rear seat sits flat on the bed floor. Rear passengers' feet are on the cab floor.  The 76 cab floor ends right behind the front seats, the rear seat is raised on legs and the passengers' feet are on the higher bed floor. The older frame passes through this additional space the older body provides so to use the newer body you must either modify the floor or the frame. And of course there are a pair of body mounts in this same space.  I raised the floor in the passenger "footwell" about 1.5" and bought/made new body mounts for my swap.

Wow, so it begs the question: Are you happy with the swap? Pics before and afta afta Mr. Miagi?


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