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Cheapest 4" lift with skyjacker springs for under $700 with everything you need

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Lift kit check listThis is for the K3500 with a Diesel motor. Diesels need to add skyjackers flc140 4" Softride Front Fitted Leafs add $126.71. if you have a no a gas with a dana 44 or 10 bolt just take the fitted leafs off and the raised steering block off and add $60 and add 20 to the brake lines

* front Springs
4" lift from skyjacker (just front springs), rear blocks and C140C $477.68
* Shocks $104
* Hardware (u bolts)
included skyjacker's kit $0.00
* Something to fix steering (pitman arm or raised steering block)
from Rough Country$53 for Dana 60 or $60 for 10 bolt or dana 44
* Brake lines
they can be had for $28.26 for the front and just reuse the rear
* Swaybar drop
(have them) but $35.95
* Steering Stabilizer
(not getting one)Total $670ish vs buying a "kit" from skyjacker for $968.89+.
or get the rough country blocks, u bolts, shocks and steering block for $315.60+skyjackers spring for $333.86= $649.46 then buy brake hoses +$28.26

and i dont even want to say rough country cause you can buy all springs and in their kit for $770 for 6" or the kit that ive listed in 6" for $469. but as someone whos had rough country i wont buy their springs again cause im older and my spine isnt any younger

So and tons you could spend $690 for the parts dana 60 youre looking at $662.
and in skyjackers words " If you have a lot of weight compared to what the original vehicle would have been then you will need to add a fitted leaf to the leaf spring to compensate for the additional weight." so add $126.71 if you have a big motor.

now if you have a dana 60 and want rough country shocks get their kit with just the skyjacker springs it will cost you $10 more. RC kit is $315.60+ Skys leafs $333.86+brake lines $28.26= $677.72.

Front you can move the front hanger OR switch the support sides, Drill the frame out and relocate the rear hanger and run rear 52" springs.
Rear: run a FRONT 2WD hanger on the back with the shackle. 

i totally forgot about running a 52" up front. do we have a write up? found this one but if we have one the better

nice write up
this gives you about 4"+flex and moves the axle forward about 1". but not sure what it does for ride quality

SPRINGS4" lift from skyjacker (just front springs), rear blocks and C140C
Skyjacker C140S Softride Leaf Spring Set of 2 kit

4" FRONT (springs) 3.5"REAR (blocks)and Component Box Part# C140C (7 u bolts, 2 Studs and rear blocks $136 by itself)
Skyjacker C140CK - 4" x 3.5" Front, Rear Softride Series Lift Kit

Skyjacker FLC140 - 4" Softride Front Fitted Leafs


or the cheaper shocks
some have found you can use other vehicles stock shocks to fit our trucks with a 2-4" lift
example, if you click on those rancho shocks you will see these measurments

RAISED HEIGHT: 2.5-4 inches

Frontso lets start with the front need to find a shock compressed is around 13.25 and extended is 21.125
dont know why but the first thing i thought of is our rear stock shocks seam to be about that size

Click here for O'reilly's rear shocks for the 1984 c30

Monroe part #32384

Extended Length (In): 23-1/8 Inch
Compressed Length (In): 14 Inch

now i know its not 13.25" but these are good for 2"-4" so it doesnt need to be that small and its only .75"
Monroe on ebay $39.99 set

Autozone Gabriel Guardian 81174

Gabriel ProGuard 61682

now for the rear
18.94 compressed to 32.54 extended
this took me a little while to find but after looking at a few vehicles ive found (i hate to say this) but 2005 f350 superduty 4x4 srw rear shocks has these measurements almost(now be careful cause apparently the f350 has a couple different sized it could be)

Click here for O'reilly's rear shocks for the 2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty

Monroe part #32359

Extended Length (In): 31 Inch
Compressed Length (In): 18 Inch
so its off by 1.5"ext.

Ebay shocks lifetime warrenty $34.65 a set. thats $17.33/each

autozone Gabriel ProGuard

ok so if we go with the store band or their cheapest youre looking at $104 vs $204 but we havnt even looked for the cheapest yet or other brands you can get for the same amount

for $52

for the rear
KYB 344419 Excel-G (x2)

now by time you read these, they may no longer be available. but you can use the part numbers to find them. just use those O'reilly links in green and find the shock part number then search ebay


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