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Cheapest 4" lift with skyjacker springs for under $700 with everything you need

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I bought zone offroad front springs from ok4wd.com and paid $189.81 shipped instead of nearly $500. they do 5% off for new customers and free shipping. Also that came with the busings for the leaf springs.

did you have to call them just for a price?

No, i just got on the website and bought them.

i tried to find them but couldnt. idk if i didnt do something right or what. do you have the part number? how do they ride?

Wow, yeah their website has totally changed and i cant find them on there anymore either. I ordered them on 5/23/17.
The part # is C0401. http://zoneoffroad.com/zone-offroad-products-suspension-leaf-spring-chevy-gmc-blazer-jimmy-pickup-suburban/c0401
They ride great, but i also did a sway bar drop kit, new steering stabilizer, replaced the swaybar bushings, shackle bushings and new leaf spring bushings at the same time.
Leaf springs came with new bushings and the shocks are only a few years old.
I've got blocks on the rear but I just ordered the Offroad Design shackle hangers so i can remove the blocks. That's supposed to improve ride quality as well.


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