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I enjoy all the problems discussed, etc. What I don't like are all the strings that are not too helpful.

I would propose that you include a new request/requirement. Post in an unmissable spot, that when the poster finds the solution to the problem has, that he should post what he has found to have caused it in the end.

This will reduce the number of strings out there, and when a reader looks at those subjects he may then find an answer to his problem.

The solution should then be boiled down to the post's essence for quick reading and presentation of the solution for the reader. I realize this would entail quite a bit of editing, but may make the site an even more helpful and useful place than it already is. I will volunteer to help with the editing to get the posts down to problem/answer format. It should prove simpler to find a subject and answer, thus preventing repetitive posts.


so you want to see problem "A" and the solution to that problem but no trouble shooting or work shown?

the issue is that let say a stalling issue may be fuel related to one guy, spark related to another, vacuum leak to one and another might be a sensor issue. we have to trouble shoot, yes we can just guess and stat throwing parts but work has to be shown to show how you came up with that solution.

i so understand what youre saying and you sometimes have to read multiple pages to come up with the solution but most times you can just jump to the last page and see the solution.


I'm not suggesting deleting the intermediate troubleshooting, just condensing it, as you say, a problem may be one thing to one reader and yet another to a different reader. Just some condensation is all.

Keep up the good work.

im kind of lost. to me its condensed as far as Engine/Drivetrain covers engine, transmissions and rear ends and so on.

are you suggesting having a form just for engines and another for transmissions and another for rear ends?

There is a whole tech section dedicated to just the facts around specific problems that is unmissable.


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